GS-7977 + Ribavirin

Case Histories

These are real case histories that effectively show the significant increase of side-effects experienced when Ribavirin was added to GS-7977. The names have been withheld to protect the patient’s privacy.

Name: Lulu647 Sex: F Age: 55
Genotype: 3a Staging: 3 Grade: 2
Date of Contraction: Acquired in 1977


Treatment History: Viral load 710,000 prior to treatment with GS-7977 + Ribavirin. Within one week the viral load was <25. After two weeks the virus was undetectable.

Treatment Issues / Side effects: Extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, riba-rage, memory problems, and brain fog.

General Comments: Completed 12 week treatment with GS 7977 + Ribavirin 8 weeks ago. I have always experience elevated enzymes but both always below 90, by week12 my blood work was progressively abnormal in many areas. The side-effects were very hard for me; I was really tired, unable to exercise, with shortness of breath, memory problems, brain fog and horrible riba-rag. I feel much better at 8 weeks out.

I would be interested to get my cholesterol tested as it has always been really low, under 100. My LDL has always been higher than my HDL; at least, until last time I was tested, when they reversed, which I learned was not really a good thing for hepatitis C patients. It is my understanding that low cholesterol is very common with genotype 3a patients, as is steatosis (fatty liver), which fortunately for me was not indicated on my biopsy results.

I have really struggled with hypothyroidism since about 20 years into the Hep C.