These are real case histories that reflect the effectiveness of the treatment and the minimal side-effects experienced by HCV patients treated with GS-7977 + Daclatasvir. The names have been withheld to protect the patient’s privacy.


Name:  HopingHepster   /  Sex:  Male  /   Location:  New York, NY
Genotype: 1                


Treatment History:  Treatment naïve prior to starting GS-7977 + Daclatasvir on March 13, 2012, treatment completed on June 4th.

Treatment Issues / Side effects: The side-effects have been minimal for me; I experienced a feeling of being spaced out along with a mild depletion of my energy that would start about 45 minutes after taking the meds and last for about 5 hours.

General Comments:  March 15 – Day 2 of trial ending now.  It just feels like two powerful drugs working at a deep level in your body.  I slept for a full eight hours the first night, something I do very rarely.  I woke up this morning feeling great and very well rested.  No info available yet on reduction in viral load.

Jun 05, 2012 – My 12 week trial is now over.  No more little white pills with breakfast. It feels slightly poignant- I’ll miss my medicine.  It was very reassuring.  Now it’s on to SVR4, I hope.  All fifteen people on this trial at my clinic in NYC are listed as undetectable according to one of the study coordinators.  The five patients that were treatment naïves are only treating for 12 weeks – in the interest of medical science presumably.  It has been a privilege to be part of this brilliant experiment with this sensational drug combination.  Here is hoping that all of the patients on the 12 week protocol make SVR4, just like their 24 week colleagues did.

July 17 – I made it to SVR4!  I am feeling incredibly grateful and the two others that I know of on exactly the same trial also made SVR4.  It turns out we’re on the world’s most successful trial for Genotype 1’s.  All of the genotype 1’s on the GS-7977 + Daclatasvir protocol made it to SVR4.  Four weeks post treatment and they are still listed as virus undetectable.  This looks like this really is the Interferon and Ribavirin free cure.  What great good fortune we had to have done it!

I’ve basically felt well since I stopped the treatment almost six weeks ago now. I have a bit of tiredness and sluggishness sometimes, nothing major.


LaSirene / Sex: F / Location:  New York, NY
Genotype: 1a / Grade: 0 / Stage: 0

Method / Date of Contraction:   Unknown

Treatment History:  12 week regimen of GS-7977 + Daclatasvir

Day / Time Viral Load
Prior to treatment 2,390,000
Day 1 – after 4 hours      72,300
Day 1 – after 8 hours        4,000
7             40
14          < 25
26 Undetectable

Treatment Issues / Side effects:  Minimal

General Comments:  I am 4 weeks post treatment and as of Jul 17, 2012: Virus is undetectable.  Hep C research is moving so fast.   I would be the last person to volunteer myself as a guinea pig to big pharma because I don’t even trust the stuff that’s approved already!  My doctor, who specializes in Hep C, had been telling me; you’re healthy enough, don’t do the standard treatment!  Wait!   So then, when told me, “There’s something new, I think you should do this one”, I did!


Name:  Curious Lady     Sex:  F     Age:  64
Genotype:  1a     Grade:  1     Stage:  1

 Method / Date of Contraction:  Unknown

Treatment History: Treatment Naïve prior to August 25, 2011 when 24 week course of treatment was initiated consisting of GS-7977 for 7 days with Daclatasvir being added at day 14.  After 6 doses of GS-7977 alone the patient’s viral load dropped dramatically as shown in the chart below.

Day Viral Load
Pre-treatment 4,6000,000
1        31,000
2          1,300
3             500
4             300
5             150
6               53


Treatment Issues / Side effects: Just two weeks into treatment the nurse said she noticed that my color seemed much improved from when she had seen me a few days before. I am feeling slightly more energetic and still sleeping well at night. I was fatigued and gassy during treatment and for a month or so afterward but otherwise no ill effects from treatment.

General Comments: I experienced quick result with GS- 7977 alone, which dropped my viral load to double digits within 7 days and after the addition of Daclatasvir the virus was listed as undetectable by day 14.  I feel terribly sorry for those who have had long lasting mental and emotional effects from Interferon + Ribavirin.


Name:  Lowbid / Sex:  M / Location:  Cocoa Beach, Florida
Genotype:  1a


Method / Date of Contraction:  Unknown

Treatment History:  Viral load was 4,000,000 prior to starting clinical trials of GS-7977 + Daclatasvir on March 13, 2012 -.  As shown on the chart below the viral load drop precipitously and cleared within 3 weeks.

Treatment   Day Viral Load
   Prior to treatment      4,000,000
4 219
5 82


11 < 25
21 < 0

Treatment Side effects: I had almost no side-effects, slight headache and a little tired, but that is about it.

General Comments:    These two drugs are amazing is all that I can say.

Name:  Odin Loves Life / Sex:  F / Age:  59 / Location:  Melbourne, Australia
Genotype:  1a


Treatment History: Treatment naïve prior to 24 week course of GS-7977 + Daclatasvir

Treatment Issues / Side effects: Minimal

General Comments:  “The problem is that Interferon will have been a good earner and companies currently profiting from it won’t really want it to be discontinued. Gilead will try to package and sell GS7977 with Interferon if it will grab market share, form a valuable alliance with another company, and/or be more profitable than combining it with a safe well tolerated drug. The trials with Interferon, Ribavirin and 7977 in various combinations were never about finding the best cure for patients. It looks like there is enough momentum for an Interferon-free treatment but I won’t relax on that one until I see that drug take the very last gasp.

If the FDA (and other authorities) insisted on approving individual drugs not combos that would put a stop to the cruel selfishness of companies like Gilead and Bristol Myers Squibb. The selection of drugs shouldn’t be a decision made for profit. It should be one made on the advice of the treating HCV specialist. The specialist’s goal at least is to cure us… They are in a position to monitor the results and interface directly with us. I can never understand why governments don’t realize that letting the drug companies circumvent the system and avoid true competition in this way is only going to waste money in the long run. People just don’t get better. They end up on disability, there is lost productivity, subsidies are wasted and drugs cost more”.

Name:  Katla     Sex:  F
Genotype:  1a


Method / Date of Contraction:  Diagnosed February 2011

Treatment History:  March 8, 2012, started 12 week course of GS-7977 + Daclatasvir.  12 weeks post-treatment listed as virus undetectable,

       Treatment  Day    Viral Load
Prior to Treatment     2,100,000
4 hrs. after initial medication          68,700
hrs. after initial medication          29,100
Day 2                600
Day 3                175
Day 4                111
Day 5                  87
Day 9                  50
Day 14 Undetectable

Treatment Issues / Side effects: Much more tired than usual and low-grade headaches from late afternoons until night on most days.