By Richard A. Marini |

Charlie Hewitt has always loved to sing. But other than a few karaoke contests, he’d never really performed in front of more than a handful of people. That is until Wednesday, when he sang a duet with Michael Grimm during a concert at Austin’s One World Theatre.

Grimm, winner of season five of “America’s Got Talent,” brought Hewitt on stage for Otis Redding’s “(Sitting on the) Dock of the Bay.”

Hewitt, 52, has stage 4 liver cancer and is hoping for a transplant he knows may never come. Singing with Grimm was on his “bucket list,” and he hopes his performance will help raise awareness about liver cancer.

Hewitt dates the cause of his cancer to the early 1980s, when he received a blood transfusion after being in a car accident. This was before blood banks screened for hepatitis C, and Hewitt suspects he received infected blood.

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