A Letter to Margaret – Permanent Cosmetics

The legal administrator at my office brought the article in to me today about your efforts to save persons with HCV and it brought tears to my eyes.  John Shoemate (Permanent Cosmetics) tattooed my lips so I wouldn’t have to worry about lip liner sometime in 1997, approximately (so your mention of the eyebrows was all too familiar).  Shoemate was still performing his services in an apartment at the time of my first visit, but it was so painful for me that we discontinued the first time and I later went back for more work when he was at the Sunset and Broadway location.  Read more »

Real Case Histories – GS-7977 + Daclatasvir + Ribavirin

GS-7977 + Daclatasvir + Ribavirin

Case Histories

These are real case histories that document the effectiveness of the treatment along with the increased side-effects experienced by HCV patients treated when Ribavirin was added to the GS-7977 + Daclatasvir protocol.  The names have been withheld to protect the patient’s privacy. Read more »

Liver cancer patient not wasting time

By Richard A. Marini | MySA.com

Charlie Hewitt has always loved to sing. But other than a few karaoke contests, he’d never really performed in front of more than a handful of people. That is until Wednesday, when he sang a duet with Michael Grimm during a concert at Austin’s One World Theatre.

Grimm, winner of season five of “America’s Got Talent,” brought Hewitt on stage for Otis Redding’s “(Sitting on the) Dock of the Bay.”

Hewitt, 52, has stage 4 liver cancer and is hoping for a transplant he knows may never come. Singing with Grimm was on his “bucket list,” and he hopes his performance will help raise awareness about liver cancer.

Hewitt dates the cause of his cancer to the early 1980s, when he received a blood transfusion after being in a car accident. This was before blood banks screened for hepatitis C, and Hewitt suspects he received infected blood.

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Living with Hepatitis C ~ Alan Franciscus

In 1994, I was feeling the symptoms of hepatitis C—moderate to severe fatigue and other mild flu-like symptoms, but I didn’t know the cause. I went through many tests over a two-year period and no one could medically explain my fatigue or the other symptoms. That was frustrating because I thought I had this bizarre disease that no one knew about. I’ll never forget the day that I had a doctor’s appointment with my new primary care physician. After I explained my symptoms, he ordered blood work, including a hepatitis C antibody test. I had never heard of hepatitis C, but luckily, he had. A week or so later I received my test results – I had hepatitis C. Of course, I was devastated by the news, but in some ways, it was a relief finally to find out what was causing the severe fatigue.

About 3 months after I was diagnosed I decided to try treatment with non-pegylated interferon monotherapy (3 injections a week). I was on treatment for a year, but I did not achieve an SVR. In fact, during treatment my viral load never reached a point where it was undetectable. I also had many side effects. The first evening I had severe chills and a fever. After a while, the physical side effects such as the flu-like symptoms seemed to diminish somewhat—at least to the point where I could handle them. However, the psychological side effects (anger and depression) slowly became worse. After about three months, it was decided that I should start on anti-depressant therapy. I also started to meditate regularly and between the meditation and the antidepressants, I felt better and was able to finish treatment.

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This is the story of Tom N.

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C almost 30 years ago. When Interferon alfa-2b + Ribavirin came out I tried that. After 26 weeks I had to be taken off of it because I thought I was going to kill myself. Unknowingly, the drug had been creeping up on me for at least 3 months, retrospectively. I felt like I was slowly losing my mind and was evidently a bit hallucinogenic, as things didn’t look right, especially when I looked in the mirror. Also, my viral count never got below 70,000 from about 1,200,000.

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A Success Story – Hepatitis C Cure

I am feeling incredibly grateful and the two others that I know of on exactly the same trial also made SVR4. It turns out we’re on the world’s most successful trial for Genotype 1’s. All of the genotype 1’s on the GS-7977 + Daclatasvir protocol made it to SVR4. Four weeks post treatment and they are still listed as virus undetectable. This looks like this really is the Interferon and Ribavirin free cure. What great good fortune we had to have done it!
I’ve basically felt well since I stopped the treatment almost six weeks ago now. I have a bit of tiredness and sluggishness sometimes, nothing major.”

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