The legal administrator at my office brought the article in to me today about your efforts to save persons with HCV and it brought tears to my eyes.  John Shoemate (Permanent Cosmetics) tattooed my lips so I wouldn’t have to worry about lip liner sometime in 1997, approximately (so your mention of the eyebrows was all too familiar).  Shoemate was still performing his services in an apartment at the time of my first visit, but it was so painful for me that we discontinued the first time and I later went back for more work when he was at the Sunset and Broadway location. 

Deborah Sheehan Anderson was the woman who obtained the judgment against him, and she was a very dear friend of mine when we worked together at another law firm.  (We still visit from time to time but are both so busy with our jobs that we haven’t spoken in some time.  I need to follow up with her!)  She tried to get me to sue him also in an effort to stop him, but I was too embarrassed.

 I did not learn about contracting HCV until I tried to donate blood for a sick co-worker in May 2004.  It has been a frightening roller coaster ever since then, trying to decide if I wanted to take the treatment or not.  So far, I have not.  Your work is giving me hope and I admire you so much.  I want to help you in some way, but I am so tired by the end of the day that I practically go straight to bed.  Weekends are for me to rest.  I turn 56 this year, but still have a 15-year old daughter at home that keeps me hopping when I am able to do so.

I probably sound like I am copping out on assisting you in any way, but I would like to visit with you and see what I can do to help.  This is huge and I want to do what I can to push it along.  I have signed the petition today and will circulate it through my office and elsewhere.  I have kept the whole thing a secret except to my supervising attorney and legal administrator, but I believe it is time that I stop fearing the judgment of others and start taking action.  Please call me this weekend if you have a chance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With prayers and warm regards,

Lisa S.